Hello hello!

We're now back in the studio and getting together our tracks for a new EP later in the autumn. So great to be back after such an amazing time these last few months. Click on the Facebook or Twitter links below and like or follow and we'll get in touch when we release and get some gigs in as well. Can't wait to get going on this!

A big thank you goes to Fairshare Music and O2academy who picked Red Hot Scars to be part of their Download & Discover promo - get yourself over to Fairshaire and buy some music - think of them as a charity iTunes - so every album you buy, a percentage goes to charity - honestly can't think of a better way to buy music... We love you Fairshare. You rule.

Sign up to the left and we'll keep you in the loop about all the stuff coming up.

And come show your love on twitter and facebook and we'll love you right back - we're nice like that...

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