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Meisha released their debut EP in 2011, combining electro-rock with adrenaline-pumped alternative pop. Ranging from the blistering Firesale to the symphonic Silver, the tracks manage to be lo-fi, yet full of production quirks that blend richly textured vocals with catchy guitar riffs and epic choruses.

Featured in
RWD Magazine as the ‘Ones to Watch’, picked to play the 02 December Sessions with a host of great upcoming bands and with the added support of 02 and Fairshare Music for their new track, Red Hot Scars, things are looking good for Meisha.
Meisha is fronted by Michelle Oakley and her fragile, haunting vocals.

Sounding like a punch up between Portishead and Kate Bush, stirred by Skunk Anansie, lead guitarist & producer, James Earp, signed to Sony ATV for his songwriting, takes the opportunity to experiment with Meisha’s sound in the studio while their live act showcases the songs with a raw energy. The six members of the band are a dedicated collective, collaborating in the songwriting process and going to great lengths to create powerful, beautiful songs, while layering the instruments to create ambitious and complex sounds.
Their live performances echo the eccentricity of Kate Bush set against an electro-rock background putting their music into a whole new perspective – the songs are performed with pulsating energy that has a load of grunt and growl to it. Meisha have sold out The Luminaire, supported Kate Nash at 93 Feet East and are regulars on the London circuit playing at Cargo and The Dublin Castle among many other venues. With a live set that displays such breadth and depth, it’s clear they’ve a load more to offer in the future.

Working closely with new directors and artists, the band have released two stunning videos to accompany their EP:

For further info & photos, please write to sampayne[at]meisha.co.uk

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